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Brain Boyz disappeared not because they lost fungus... but because Gork and Mork killed Dork.


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Результат гадания



Log Horizon 2-8

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Иконка с новым скилом это такой лютый фейл...


Будни маркетонаебологов...

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Большими буквами спереди упаковки "СОК АПЕЛЬСИНОВЫЙ"

Маленькими буковками на цветном фоне с боку упаковки (то-бишь хрен заметишь если специально все не читать) "с мякотью".

Ууууурррооды. Сто рублей на ветер.


Дабы не забыть...

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I'm working off a few assumptions here to help explain why Code Geass has mecha, why they roflstomp tanks so well, and why said mecha apparently have armor that gets shredded by mech-sized assault rifles.

1. Sakuradite allowed CG to develop magnetic coil guns a long time ago. While originally they were overly complicated and needed to be cranked by hand, they totally removed the need to develop shell casings and eventually they would develop to the point that they have much higher shell velocity than equivalent chemical explosive firearms. This also explains how Slash Harken are even a thing.

2. Sakuradite can store absurd amounts of electricity per unit mass, so you can have a relatively small capacitor power all of the crazy strong electric motors you would need to actuate the limbs of a mecha. Those motors also have Sakuradite components.

3. With coil guns so damn strong, attempts to develop any serious armor for vehicles virtually died before the end of the age of vacuum tubes. Tanks can't do any of the ridiculous maneuvers that Knightmares can do, and there's little point to using a weapon bigger than a 40mm gun for anti-vehicle roles. This reduces effective combat ranges greatly because of lower caliber rounds. Thus, the stability of the firing platform and the size of guns they can carry aren't actually advantages in their favor.

4. There are no nuclear weapons, because Sakuradite killed almost all interest in uranium or nuclear physics. Without nuclear deterrents, open war between major powers is still viable. This is similar to the situation in the world of Ace Combat. Strangereal has nuclear weapons, but they're extremely rare due to an anemic level of fissile material in the crust. This is why they have a major air superiority war almost every damn decade.

The lack of nukes or worthwhile armor combined with overpowered coil guns in Code Geass allows the romance of the Knightmare Frame to continue to match reality.

In short, Sakuradite is bullshit.

(С) Einsig, Sufficient Velocity


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Внезапно глядя на мотиватор с Джокером вспомнил о своем старом персонаже... великолепный пилот с хрупкими костями (правда это была не болезнь, а генмоды)... до выхода первого ME было еще N лет.


Из Beyond Earth Альфы Центавра таки не получилось...

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А вот Endless Legend таки вполне съедобно.


О тяжести губернаторсва на Мире Смерти

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+++++++++++++++ This Sort of Shit Is Why I Carry a Grenade Launcher About my Person at all Times +++++++++++++++
Part two: I Just Can't Seem to Keep the Worms Out of my Office!

You are planetary governor Frederick Rotbart, and by the mysterious workings of the God-Emperor of Mankind (along with the even more mysterious workings of His perennially incompetent Administratum), you have been placed in charge of the hellworld, Avernus. It has been nine years since your arrival, and you take a moment to reflect on how well you have risen to the task, against all expectations, your own included.

You are sitting in your office, taking advantage of one of the approximately annual lulls in your schedule to spend a while in reflection. You are startled out of your reverie by your Kasrkin bodyguard, Ajax, who suddenly leaps away from the wall he was leaning on with a cry of alarm. Before you can ask him what the problem is, it becomes obvious, as a two-mouthed head, one meter in diameter, bursts through the stone wall where once he stood. Robbed of its lethal force by his timely leap, the burrowing gnaw-worm, to which the head belonged, nonetheless strikes him in the small of the back, sending him sprawling. The worm extends further into the tunnel, and rears up, preparing for another lunge against the stricken Ajax, who struggles to rise, having landed poorly.

After sounding the alarm, you cast about your office desperately searching for a weapon with which to help, but come up short. You had, in what now seems the height of hubris and folly, assumed your office to be safe, and neglected to keep any weapons of your own here. Before Ajax can right himself and bring his hellgun to bear on the creature, it lunges, the large, grinding teeth of its lower mouth chewing through his weapon in an instant, and making a good start on his carapace armour as it slams him against the opposite wall. Before you really know what you are doing, you are on your feet, rushing over to Ajax's side, and bringing down your heavy illusory pine wood chair on the head of his assailant. Startled by the unexpected assault, it recoils, allowing its victim to slump to the floor, knocked momentarily insensate by its prior attack.

The sound of running feet, which had been growing louder for some time, precedes the arrival of another of the kasrkin, armed with a grenade launcher, which he promptly aims at the gnaw-worm. Guided by his expert hand, a krak grenade flies out of the barrel, landing dead-centre in the still-open mouth of the gnaw-worm. The grenade detonates, fatally crushing its head in a powerful implosion.

The threat averted, the kasrkin calls out "Are you alright, sir?". "Well, I'm alright but it's Ajax That-" You respond, but are cut short as a second worm bursts from the floor, easily shredding his leg, making him cry out in agony, and drop his weapon. You surge forward to retrieve it, even as the worm starts greedily devouring the Cadian's torso. You fire twice, a pair of krak grenades striking the worm where its length exits the floor, raggedly bisecting it. Alas, its death comes too late for your erstwhile saviour, what remains of him dropping from the lifeless jaws of the gnaw-worm.

You back into the corridor outside your office, keeping the launcher trained at the room, in case any more arrive. You are joined by increasing numbers of guardsmen, drawn by the alarm and the sounds of combat. "It seems that the solid stone of the mountain is not as impermeable as we thought, and we have paid the price for our laxity" you say by way of explanation. "Someone get me a priest, a janitor, and a team of workmen to redecorate my office in a nice shade of iron plates."

Looking down at the grenade launcher in your hands, you add "And a reload. I have a feeling that I had best hold onto this."​

(С) Skewfiend, Sufficient Velocity


Ууууу, бляаааа...

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Пройтись катком в тексте от лица ГГ по конкуренту от альтистории и/или попаданчества, а затем написать еще более эпическую хрень это, что, такой "хороший тон" у некоторых писателей? Ну да, бревно и соломинка...


Log Horizon 2

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По размышлению 1й эпизод это не УЖАС-УЖАС-УЖАС...
... А всего лишь Ужас.


Log Horizon - кулаки после драки

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В очередной раз встречаю телегу на тему какой идиот Руди, что полез спасать тех, кто и так оживет...

А если мозгой подумать, а? Варианты то...

1. Тойя все, гоблины режут партию без танка, Руди сматывается, гоблины режут деревню, после чего выбивают "затычку" на берегу с тылу и сахуагины ломают окружение
2. Тойя все, гоблины режут партию без танка, Руди гибнет вместе с партией, гоблины режут деревню, после чего выбивают "затычку" на берегу с тылу и сахуагины ломают окружение
3. То, что произошло в каноне


Просто так...

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Log Horizon 2

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Канами в превью опенинга, Канами в превью опенинга, Канами в превью опенинга!!!!


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В очередной раз смотрю на генеалогическое древо School Days... В очередной раз убеждаюсь, что:

1. У Макото плохая генетика. Даже при том, что в отличии от Секай, Сецуны и сестрят Ниджо он не результат инцеста. Один единственный Томару в генеологии это уже полный пиздец.
2. Но лучше чем у некоторых его родственников.
--2А. "Некоторых" это больше чем половины (как родственников, так и каста аниме/вн)
--2Б. Причем у родственников дважды пиздец - мало того, что инцест, так и в результате Томару там получается какое-то уж совсем запредельное количество.


Цитата недели

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"добрый и все-понимающий Гиганский Демонический Гуманитарий"

(С) Паутина света


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Чем больше "наши" любят себя ассоциировать с орками, урками и прочей швалью... тем больше мне кажется, что меня покусала Новодворская.

PS. Хотя скорей это сделал Бендер.


Дани Даркблейд, вредный полугоблин (ака Ал103)
Ну почему все фанфикофисатели по Варкрафту не желают понимать, что тамошняя магия сестра Фейду и дочь Варпу? Одни махом сем магий побивахом. НЕ ВЕРЮ (С)


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That typical IG trooper wears flak and armed with lasgun doesn't mean that there are no high-tech civilized and industrial planets that field power-armored troops... with size of IoM there should be plenty of them actually... it just we will never hear about them because they Guard Tithe would be poached by Inquisition faster than you can say "poached by Inquisition".

@темы: Warhammer and Battletech


Thought of the day:

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Members of Inquisition that love burning everybody for heresy at slightest pretense also tend to be burned as heretics themselves.

@темы: Warhammer and Battletech


DeSu2 - из (относительно) старенького

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Was thinking about MTG colors and suddenly had a fit of understanding why Hotsuin so poorly fit in both ideologies...

Chaos side is kinda mostly BR - impulsive and selfish.
Order side is kinda UW - organized in kinda mechanical way, not in "stand together" way.
Yamato Hotsuin is throughly Green. Pack should have a strong leader, survival at all cost, grows and rebirth instead of preserving old, etc...

Приют упертого нанохопоклонника