This Is Warhammer!!!

Дани Даркблейд, вредный полугоблин (ака Ал103)
"I will rend your soul in twain, and obliterate your each and every works. I will not rest until every scrap of what you once were has been forgotten. Come at me child! I will show you the true strength of a son of Magnus!"

Psychic Phenomena: 86 + 10. Perils of the Warp!
Perils of the Warp: 94 + 10. Annihilation!

As though reality had a sense of irony though--one of his very vortices rumbled into his body--and he was reduced to a pair of smoking boots where he was once standing.

... Was that it?

That Was It

(C) Renegade Sorceress Quest


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